¡ESCÁNDALO! Presents

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Fri. Dec 13th, 7:30pm. $10¡ESCÁNDALO! is an improvised bilingual telenovela filled with danger, intrigue and smoldering glares.

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¡ESCÁNDALO! Presents

¡ESCÁNDALO! is in English with Spanish and Spanglish peppered in.

¡ESCÁNDALO! is in English with Spanish and Spanglish peppered in.

¡ESCÁNDALO!: WORLD TOUR. The drama is traveling abroad! The same ¡Escándalo! passion, romance, intrigue, and plot twists you love, but set in different country chosen by you, our audience!

Could Abuelita actually have a secret lover? How long can Timothy keep his day job as CEO and his secret work as a spy at night? Can Florence finally forgive Samuel after everything that happened with her sister?

Behold! The Hideout Theatre presents “¡ESCÁNDALO! The Improvised Telenovela”. Melodrama knows no limits in this improvised tale of back-stabbing, drama and longing glances.

Inspired by television shows like “Jane the Virgin”, “Teresa” and “La Reina del Sur”, ¡ESCÁNDALO! will present a brand new, never-before-seen, never-to-be-seen-again passion-filled telenovela based on audience suggestions.

Join us at The Hideout to explore themes of nail-biting intrigue, star-crossed love, strong women, dastardly villains and breaking the fourth wall in ¡ESCÁNDALO!

This month’s guest group is: Sugar, Water, Purple!

Sugar Water Purple is Austin’s first and only all-black improv troupe. We perform a high-energy, long-form show based closely on the famous “Harold” format. We were born out of the training ground of ColdTowne Theatre, and are made up of actors, improvisers, writers, musicians and stand-up comedians.