Dystopian Teen Future

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Dystopian Teen Future

 Welcome to the future.

A hundred years ago, or maybe a few hundred years ago, the society we knew collapsed. 

Humans rebuilt but the totalitarian police state that took its place is crushing the masses. 

Only one person can rise up and bring down the propaganda machine, the state-sponsored terrorism, the mass surveillance…that’s right: A TEEN.

Dystopian Teen Future is an improv show based on books, TV shows and movies like The Hunger Games series, The 100 and The Divergent series. Each week we’ll follow a brave teen as they bring down a crushing surveillance state using the power of hope and friendship. 

Each showing of Dystopian Teen Future will be completely different from the last, though, because each show is completely made up on the spot using YOUR suggestions!

Join in the fight against total government suppression Saturdays at 6pm at Hideout Theatre.