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Consensual Hex

A Filthy Harry Potter Show: Holiday at Hogwarts Edition

Consensual Hex, A Filthy Harry Potter Show: Holiday at Hogwarts Edition


From the makers of Heavens, Mr. Darcy: Improvised Erotic Jane Austen comes a brand new live erotic comedy:
Consensual Hex: A Filthy Harry Potter Show

You know you’ve always wanted to peek into The Restricted Section at Snogwarts…*ahem* Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, now you filthy lot can. We know you – you probably grew up reading the books or watching the Harry Potter films, or maybe you came *cough* into them recently and YOU’VE-KIND-OF-NEVER-STOPPED-BEING-OBSESSED…but some stuff is just..missing from them. Fancy some Potter that’s a bit Hotter? You’ve come *cough* to the right place.

Our cast of rabid HP fans are also experienced actors & improvisers ready to take your suggestions and turn them into live & hilarious adult fan fiction right before your eyes. What happens when Hermione & Bellatrix are locked in an Azkaban cell together? What if Snape gave his potions class a different kind of punishment when they spilled their homework? Just exactly what kind of shrieking goes on in the shrieking shack?
Also – let’s pair practically anyone or anything with Dobby and watch that go down!

This month is also an exxxtra special HOLIDAY AT HOGWARTS edition so get ready for some xxx-mas cheer, trivia for prizes, and other exxxciting entertainment for all the 18+ fans we can pack into the theater.

Buy a drink in the Hideout Coffee House to bring into the show.
Feel free to dress up and come *cough* ready for a CONSENSUAL HEX!

Cast: Kaci Beeler, Angie Epley, Cass Gutierrez, Christian Lewis, Courtney Hopkin, Margaret Hunsicker, Ace Manning, Way Spurr-Chen, J.R. Zambrano
Tech: Autumn Mason on Lights, Michael Yew on Sound

Warning: This show is for adults 18+ only and features adult themes and situations.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes.