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Austin Secrets

“An honest, wonderful night of theatre.”
The Austin Chronicle

This show is about you.
Your stories. Your fears. Your triumphs. Your failures.
Your secrets.

There is a movement afoot… a movement that celebrates the power of everyday lives, and which proclaims that the memories we hold within our hearts are the most powerful stories we can tell.

You can see it alive in projects like PostSecret, Mortified, Found Magazine, StoryCorps, and This American Life, all of which take our lives and reflect them back to us respectfully, humorously, and sincerely.

That is where Austin Secrets takes its motivation. In every show we’ll use improvisation to explore secrets anonymously submitted by you and other Austinites. Serious secrets will be treated with proper respect, and more lighthearted secrets will be treated frivolously, so expect a mix of drama, comedy, and everything in between.

Read the review of Austin Secrets in The Austin Chronicle >>

“The audience reacts to the secrets as much as it reacts to the improv, and the show’s construct actively tries to share revelations and reactions between the cast and the crowd. […] Austin Secrets respects its source material and creates an honest, wonderful night of theatre.”

Read the interview in The Austinist >>

“With improv, you get comedy almost for free, and it’s super easy to go to wacky, insane places. But to create tension, tears, and shock… that’s where things get really interesting for me.”

Read Kareem’s thoughts on what makes Austin Secrets tick >>

I’ve been trying to figure out what about this show in particular allows that kind of energy, and I think I’ve figured it out: Subtext. All good theatre–good fiction in general–has subtext. The meaning under and behind the literal dialog that characters say tell the real story.

Read the Chronicle’s interview with Roy Janik and the cast of Austin Secrets >>

“Feeling an audience hold their breath and come along with you into a quiet, painful place is this thrilling, delicate thing that we’re just beginning to cultivate.”

The 2019 cast is:

Ace Manning (Available Cupholders, BOOM Chicago)

Andrew C Stier (Gigglepants, Silly Love Songs)

Cass Gutierrez (Holiday Party Disaster)

Chuy Zarate (The Big Bash, Zarzamora)

Courtney Hopkin (The Big Bash, Your Terrific Neighbors)

J. R. Zambrano ( Savage Swords, Death by Musical)

Kaci Beeler (Parallelogramophonograph. Co-Director: Orphans!: The Improvised Orphan Musical)

Lisa Jackson (Dance Dreams, Echo Lake)

Margaret Rose Hunsicker (The Kindness of Strangers, Co-Director: Grand Misery)

Megan Sherrod (Nothing and Everything, Director: Happily Ever After)

Regina Soto (Red Handed, Hardish Bodies)

Shane Gannaway (Silly Love Songs)

Shannon Stott (Twins, The Big Bash)

Directed by: Roy Janik (Hideout Artistic Director)

Stage Management: Mia Cisco

Technical Improvisers: Michael Haywood and Jacob Garcia

Soundtrack: Kaci Beeler

Scenic and Visual Design: Kaci Beeler

We need your secrets for the show! Share anything at all, so long as it is something you’ve never told anyone at all.

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