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Marathoner Spotlight: Craig Kotfas

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon is going on RIGHT NOW! This year the 8 marathoners will play for 48 hours straight! The marathon is a fundraiser for our Kid’s Scholarship Program. Click here to donate!

We’ve asked the marathoners about some of their fears, expectations and comforts in preparation for the marathon. Craig Kotfas is one of the longest-standing improvisors in Austin and a Hideout original cast member. He was on all the original Hideout press material, that’s how long Craigy has been around!

1. Why were interested in doing the marathon?

Several reasons. One, I am honored to be part of an amazing event that gives youngsters the gift of improv. I was a mid teen when I started doing improv and it changed my life. If I had a George Bailey moment and saw my life without improv….nope, don’t even want to go there. Secondly, I am drawn to experiencing a wide range of shows in one weekend… like speed dating 48 different ensembles and genres for 50 minutes each. Majority of my shows nowadays are with Knuckleball Now, and now I am pumped to be thrusted into all these great main stage shows, experimental shows and slow burn narratives. And the best thing is I will be doing it with 7 others… 7 people I may not know too well now, some not at all… but come Sunday 5pm, I will have an unforgettable bond with these folks. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect. Most of my dearest friends have done it and say the same thing… well, I will just need to see for myself first.

2. What part of the marathon most scares you?

Hmm, the lack of sleep is a no brainer. I sweat like a mofo, so I will be focused on hydration and grazing, because big meals make me drowsy.

3. What part of the marathon are you most excited about?

See answer to #1. Honestly, I know this isn’t a lifetime achievement award, but as an old grandpa in this improv community, I am thrilled and honored to play with people I never played with. I have good friends that I’ve never shared a stage with until this upcoming weekend. So cool.

4. What comfort item are you bringing?

A positive attitude and gratitude. That gives me more comfort than any memory foam pillow or fuzzy blanket. No doubt, I will miss my comfy bed and my dear Shamayne this weekend, but I would not miss this opportunity.

4. What is your pump up jam?

“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire… always makes me swell with positivity!

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon runs from 5pm Friday June 23 – 5pm Sunday June 25!

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