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Marathoner Spotlight: Yamina Khouane

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon begins TODAY at 5pm! This year the 8 marathoners will play for 48 hours straight! The marathon is a fundraiser for our Kid’s Scholarship Program. Click here to donate!

We’ve asked the marathoners about some of their fears, expectations and comforts in preparation for the marathon. Yamina Khouane is the artistic director of The New Movement and beloved performer at many theaters around town.

1. Why were interested in doing the marathon?

The first time I saw long-form improv was at the Hideout. That was about 10 years ago now. My favorite improvisers have all performed on the Hideout stages, and a lot of them have done the 48hr Marathon. I see this as a rite of passage in a way. Being a part of this tradition is a checkmark on my improv bucket list. Not to mention I am curious to discover what my breaking point is. After this experience I may never want to do improv again. Here’s to hoping I don’t murder my castmates!

2. What part of the marathon most scares you?

The possibility of falling asleep while sitting on the toilet and people needing to break down the door to wake me up.

3. What part of the marathon are you most excited about?

Meeting all these improvisers and playing in different high-concept shows.

4. What comfort item are you bringing?

Can I bring <redacted>?

4. What is your pump up jam?

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon runs from 5pm Friday June 23 – 5pm Sunday June 25!

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