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Marathoner Spotlight: Rob Yoho

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon begins TODAY at 5pm! This year the 8 marathoners will play for 48 hours straight! The marathon is a fundraiser for our Kid’s Scholarship Program. Click here to donate!

We’ve asked the marathoners about some of their fears, expectations and comforts in preparation for the marathon. Rob Yoho is operations manager at the Hideout as well as a teacher and co-director of upcoming mainstage “The Kindness of Strangers.”

1. Why were interested in doing the marathon?

I love The Hideout, and I love our youth programs, especially Building Connections. I have benefited from scholarships myself for most of my studies, and if I can support that cause while doing a crazy stupid stunt, sign me up!

2. What part of the marathon most scares you?

All of the weird stuff that I’ll do and say when I’m delirious. #nofilter. Even more so, I am terrified of letting my fellow marathoners down.

3. What part of the marathon are you most excited about?

Playing with these seven outstanding human beings and a cavalcade of The Hideout’s and Austin’s best improvisers and improv shows. Good lord, what an abundance of riches!

4. What comfort item are you bringing?

My pillow from my bed. It’s way comfy and has been with me through a lot. Not that I’ll get to use it, but I’m glad it’ll be there.

4. What is your pump up jam?

“Closer” by Tegan and Sara

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon runs from 5pm Friday June 23 – 5pm Sunday June 25!

Get your tickets here!

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