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Marathoner Spotlight: Margaret Hunsicker

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon is happening RIGHT NOW! This year the 8 marathoners will play for 48 hours straight! The marathon is a fundraiser for our Kid’s Scholarship Program. Click here to donate!

We’ve asked the marathoners about some of their fears, expectations and comforts in preparation for the marathon. Margaret Hunsicker teaches summer camp at the Hideout, performs at the Hideout and will soon be directing a Horror Musical (TM) at the Hideout. She’s a flaming ball of fire!

1. Why were interested in doing the marathon?

I’m interested in the marathon because it seems like an adventure! Something that’s going to be difficult, but rewarding. I anticipate learning a lot about improv, myself, and my fellow marathoners this weekend. Of course, I’m also very invested in the kid’s program at the Hideout; some of my best experiences as a teacher have been with kids that needed that scholarship. I wholeheartedly believe in what we do, and I think every over-tested, artistically under-stimulated, or misunderstood kid that comes through our theatre can benefit from our classes. Everyone deserves some improv in their lives.

2. What part of the marathon most scares you?

I’m afraid of my own body! I’ve never stayed up that long before, and I don’t know how it’s going to feel. I don’t want it to hurt! Luckily, I’m surrounded by people who are going through the marathon with me, and I’ve talked to plenty of people who have done it before.

3. What part of the marathon are you most excited about?

Honestly, I’m excited to play with my friends! I love being around people, I love being at the Hideout, I love performing. I get to do this pretty often, but not “48 hours in a row” often! There are also tons of shows, troupes and formats that I’m not involved with, but I’ve always wondered “what if?” Now I get to experiment with my own skills 46 times, and see what’s the most fun!

4. What comfort item are you bringing?

A couple:

-A big blue blanket to burrito myself into

-Mr. Guy, a floppy stuffed owl

-Clothes and makeup for fun outfit changes, if I can manage!

4. What is your pump up jam?

“Believe” by Cher

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon runs from 5pm Friday June 23 – 5pm Sunday June 25!

Get your tickets here!

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