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Marathon Spotlight: J. R. Zambrano

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon is happening RIGHT NOW! This year the 8 marathoners will play for 48 hours straight! The marathon is a fundraiser for our Kid’s Scholarship Program. Click here to donate!

We’ve asked the marathoners about some of their fears, expectations and comforts in preparation for the marathon. J.R. Zambrano is a regular Hideout Performer and is co-director of our current MainStage “How I Saved The World Over Summer Vacation”.

1. Why were interested in doing the marathon?

I thought it would be a chance to get to do a lot of good for people in a community that I love and care about. I am blown away by the amazing stuff that the folks at the Hideout and the AIC in general have been able to create with generosity and support and love. It’s a little intimidating to face–not in a bad way–but there’s so much outpouring from so many talented people it’s hard to comprehend just how it all works. But that’s emergence for you, i guess. Anyway, I was interested to dive in to all of that. I wanna celebrate it.

Plus there’s something joyous about trying something so exhausting/difficult. Right? It’s like saying “hey look, world, you can throw a mean right hook, but we can take it and do something cool.” That’s what being a person takes sometimes. Improv is all about finding joy in those unprepared, scary moments when everyone’s looking at you. So I wanna keep spreading that kinda empowerment.

2. What part of the marathon most scares you?

If I am honest, a lot of it is weird mental/physical things. Like when I get real sleepy/delirious, my brain will latch onto certain nuggets of information or things I’ve seen and create this whole elaborate backstory that, for a good 30 seconds or so, is incredibly real to me. So someone might hand me a rock, and I’m like, “oh right they’re giving me this because the dinosaurs need it at their rotary club meeting,” and then I’ll have to shake my head and be like, “wait that’s not a real thing. Even though I wish it was.” I mean, I do. I wanna hang out at a dinosaur rotary club meeting and talk about community outreach among pachycephalosauruses but I am scared about how all that will work out. It’s kind of a big fear of mine–the idea of not being in control of what you’re thinking–but thanks to David Lynch’s phenomenal adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune, I have a trick up my sleeve for facing my fears. I just need to shout a lot and Sting is there for some reason.

3. What part of the marathon are you most excited about?

Getting to do shows with all the people who are going to be a part of this. The rest of the marathon performers are amazing people, and I am excited to know them better. But then also there are so many amazing shows that are happening–like I’ll Take the Physical Challenge (which I am looking forward to doing again), or The Black Vault, or one of the things where we get to do whatever we want and I will just try and make people watch David Lynch’s phenomenal adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune, with me. Just hanging out, having a good time. That sort of thing.

4. What comfort item are you bringing?

I have no idea. If you have a suggestion for what comfort item I should bring, let me know.

4. What is your pump up jam?

This specific remix of  “Everybody Everybody” by Strongbad from Homestar Runner

The Hideout’s Infamous Improv Marathon runs from 5pm Friday June 23 – 5pm Sunday June 25!

Get your tickets here!

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