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Scholarship Donation

 Donate To Our Youth Scholarship Fund

Improv helps lives – no, really, it does! Kids who take improv classes at the Hideout Theatre learn how to hone their listening skills, express themselves creatively, work and play with others, take risks, and communicate effectively.  With classes expanding to serve youth on the Autism Spectrum and at-risk youth, the impact of the Hideout youth programming has continued to grow.

Every year the Hideout strives to give the gift of improv to as many kids as possible, including those who aren’t able to afford it. Every dollar received in donation to the Kids Improv Scholarship will go towards helping a child take an improv class.

To give you an idea of how vital this is, here’s a list of what the money we raised last year accomplished:

1. We were able to allow 11 kids to participate in mainstream summer camps or classes who otherwise would not have been able to afford them, including having several foster youth attend summer camp programming

2. We offered 7 scholarships to the Building Connections classes, so that neurodivergent youth could attend improv classes focused on building confidence, improving social skills, and having fun

3. We continue to run a weekly improv classes in a shelter to bring enrichment, social skills, and a fun break to homeless children and their parents.

4. We provided weekly improv classes to at-risk foster youth in a residential treatment setting at a significantly discounted price

5. We provided monthly improv workshops for LGBTQ youth at an outreach center in Austin

6. We provided weekly improv classes for youth working hard to complete their high school education through an alternative program while also receiving career readiness training

7. We were able to discount show prices to bring our Hideout Kids show to area libraries and schools, thus exposing kids from all over Austin to improv and interactive theater.

8. We were able to discount workshops at Libraries to introduce kids to the basic concepts of improv, enhancing their engagement with the arts

9. We were able to bring an improv show to a juvenile justice facility to provide some much needed comedic relief for kids and teens who are working hard to turn their lives around

Goals for this year:

1. Continue doing the good works from last few years.

2. Expand special needs programming to include youth and adults with other forms of neurodivergence

3. Offer more improv classes and workshops for at-risk youth in shelters and residential treatment facilities.

4. Provide professional applied improv training for staff who work with youth who have been exposed to domestic violence so that the professionals can enhance their work with these youth

5. Provide workshops and shows for youth who are homeless due to domestic violence within their family of origin

Whether you’re a veteran improviser who wants to give the gift to the next generation, or an audience member who just wants to give back to the community. We (and the kids!) really appreciate it.

You can specify your donation amount on PayPal’s checkout page. Thanks again!