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Transform… the way you do business.
Transform… the people you work with.
Transform… yourself.

We believe happiness is the thing humans are constantly striving for. This is not an earth-shattering idea.

Happiness in life and in work are often tied to our desire to “win”, or be the best, or need to impress those around us. If we “fail” at any of this, we feel bad, and have created undue stress for ourselves in the process. The fear of failing can easily and quickly breed a tentative, taxing, anxiety-ridden work environment.

The Hideout Theatre’s Professional Development Team emphasizes that “failure” is necessary, because it means we tried. We took a chance. We risked something.

So, we want to celebrate and encourage risk-taking, and in doing so eliminate fear and anxiety from the process.

Innovation comes from risk.
Innovation comes from collaboration.
Innovation comes from an affirmation of ideas.

Let our trainers work with your project teams, leadership staff, social groups and more to provide you with the tools to create and sustain a more positive, explosive and stress-free group dynamic than you currently have.

We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like what we can offer. Oh, it’s tons of fun, too.

Your people will be happier.
Your company will be happier.
You will be happier.

Need something to print out and share with other people at your place of work? Download our professional development PDF.

Corporate FAQ

Q: How do I get the ball rolling? A: Send us an email and let us know what you're looking for ...email us Q: What does it cost? A: We offer a variety of options to fit your needs and budget ...more details Q: Who have you worked with? A: Whole Foods, GSD&M, Dell, McCombs School of Business and many more ...get details Q: What's the gist of your training? A: It's based in the principles of improvisation that we've been practicing since 1999 ...more info