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Escándalo Extended to Friday nights at 10pm!

Did you miss Escándalo, the hit improvised telenovela, when it was playing Saturdays at 6pm! Don’t despair! You have more chances to see it Fridays at 10pm throughout May!

Don’t miss the drama, the betrayal, the LOOKS. So many looks! Join us!

photos by Steve Rogers Photography

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Me emocioné tanto cuando me enteré que el Hideout iba a presentar una telenovela improvisada. De inmediato tuve recuerdos viendo telenovelas como Corazón Salvaje con mi abuela “Welita” y todas las risas y discusiones que compartíamos. Ni se me había ocurrido que pudiera existir una oportunidad para estar en una telenovela. ¡Que divertido! ¡Que glamoroso!

Cuando mi madre era niña en Texas, las escuelas les prohibían hablar Español en el colegio. Si lo hablaban, les tocaban castigos como nalgadas, trancazos en sus manos o jabón en sus bocas. Aun existe mucho criticismo contra el uso del idioma en los Estados Unidos. Por eso es que me toca el corazón que uno de los cinco espectáculos va a ser enteramente en español, el Cinco de Mayo. Y en especial que mi abuela ‘Welita’ de 87 años va a tener la oportunidad de verme actuar en Español, ya que se le dificulta el Inglés.

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The Hideout + SAFE: Shelter Support

Hey friends,

Jessica (Hideout co-owner) and Andy (Hideout education director) went out to SAFE to do a team building workshop recently.

If you don’t know SAFE is the result of a merger between Safe Place – Austin’s domestic violence shelter, and the Austin Children’s Shelter.  After all of you all were so generous at the Marathon we reached out to SAFE and asked them what they needed. The first thing they said was that they would love a team building workshop.

Our corporate workshops help organizations build a culture of engagement, support, innovation, and to develop awesome communication skills. Bringing these to SAFE was a pleasure because these people are a blast to work with AND an honor because we knew that helping their team run better would help all of their clients.

So, we just wanted to say thank you so much, once again for helping us use the power of improv to make our community just a little bit better. We have some other fun ideas of programs for this amazing organization that are in the works. We’ll keep you posted as we go!

In the meantime…if you’d like to donate again so that we can do even more you can always do so here!

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