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Wonder Women


This series of all-women classes is all about shaking off the world and diving into improv. The focus of the work will be on empowering women, overcoming common fears and exploring tips and tricks to having fun on stage (plus a strong emphasis on group bonding!).

Bold and Vulnerable with Sarah Marie Curry
August 27, 4-6:30pm at the Hideout Downtown

Use your visceral understanding of being human and being present to discover the scene as it is already happening. Focus on viewpoints work with Ann Bogart, dynamic staging and physicality, as well as listening, discovery and sincere response to moment over context and obligation. The improvisor will leave this workshop with a better understanding of their inherent charisma and energy on stage, as well as a healthy workout in stage craft, direction and mindfulness.

SARAH MARIE CURRY is an improviser, director, teacher and award winning actor living in Austin, Texas. She teaches improvisation at The Hideout Theater and The Institution Theater (two of the five improv schools in Austin Texas). She can be seen performing weekly with dramatic improv duo Cascade or B. Iden Payne Award Winning Troupe: Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musicals, or directing productions such as Risen: Improvised Stories in World War Z or Tarantula: Dynamic Dreamlike Improv. She has extensive experience performing on stage and has been recognized for her work in regional productions of The Last Five Years, Ordinary Days, Company and Reefer Madness to name a few. For show, updates and more go to www.sarahmariecurry.com

$25 per person / need-based scholarships available (email classes@hideouttheatre.com)
(4 hours total) / Limited Space

“Last night’s FREE Maestro Workshop for da Ladies was FUCKING awesome! It was amazing to be in a room of female improvisers and not give a shit about how we look/act/feel. It was very empowering and made me feel so proud to be part of such a supportive community. I hope this is a regular thing.” -Cristy Salinas