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Weekly Special Topics


Every Wednesday the Hideout brings you a workshop on a special topic in improvisation with the top improv instructors, directors and players in Austin. The second session of 10 classes in 2017 is focusing on Personal Feedback, with instructors giving insight into not just the tools of improvisation, but also focusing on your individual style of play and opportunities for growth. You can register for all 10 classes for the crazy cheap price of $120 or you can register each week à la carte for $24.


July 26 - Authentic Connection and Emotion
with Aspen Webster (Hideout mainstage regular and member of Physics Curse)
Stop playing, start being. This workshop is about authentic reaction, about bringing honest, truthful emotions on stage – rather than a caricature of feelings. Comedy is truth, and we’ll work on techniques that help you access those emotional truths. You’ll learn to feel more comfortable reacting honestly, leaning into your emotional point of view, and authentically connecting with your scene partners.

August 2 - Feedback on Feedback
with Rachel Austin
 (Hideout mainstage regular and member of Physics Curse)
Have you ever received feedback in an improv scene or in a show that you just weren’t sure what to do with? Or you completely disagreed with? Are you sometimes uncertain how to give feedback to the people in your troupe? Using the Emotional Intelligence model we’ll finesse how you give AND receive feedback. This session will be a great set up for the rest of these Special Topics in Personal Feedback.

August 9 - The Devil is in the Details
with Kareem Badr
 (Hideout general manager, owner and member of Parallelogramophonograph)
Gain those finishing touches to bring your work to a perfect polish.  By playing with status, specificity, and spacework you can not only tell the audience what you’re creating but really show them.

August 16 - The Hard Sh*t
with Jeremy Sweetlamb
 (director of Processed and member of Available Cupholders)
Are you ready for the hardest, solo structures you’ve ever faced? Coupled with individual feedback, this class, featuring exercises like “Your Own Funeral,” “Breaking Up With Yourself,” and “Xtreme King Game” will stretch your brain to some raw and powerful places. We’ll talk a lot about audience psychology and your role as their entertainment.

August 23 - The Bold and Powerful Improviser
with Sarah Marie Curry
 (Hideout instructor and member of Indigo Shift)
The secret of powerful & dynamic improv is vulnerability. It’s a bold move to play with your whole heart. This class will teach you the very simple and basic tools needed to become a deeper, emotionally present improviser and how to look precise and polished and inspired while you do it.

August 30 - NO CLASS due to Out of Bounds

September 6 - Tough Love
with Rob Yoho
 (Hideout instructor and director of Kindness of Strangers)
We all have it: that one piece of constructive feedback we can’t seem to shake. It clings to the back of our brains, and comes out loud and proud when we’re feeling down on ourselves as improvisers. In this class, we’re going to tackle that one piece of feedback head-on and from many different angles. This is a deep dive into the thing about ourselves as improvisers that scares us the most. This time, it’s personal.

September 13 - What you’re ACTUALLY saying
with Shannon Stott
 (Hideout instructor and mainstage regular)
Are you getting stepped on in scenes? Are your character choices being denied? Maybe the reason is you aren’t communicating what you think you are. This workshop will help you become aware of how others are interpreting your improv choices, so you can avoid having your offers denied,changed or ignored.

September 20 - Efficient Unvarnished Notes
with Andy Crouch
 (Hideout education director and director of Start Trekkin’)
We’re going to do scenes non-stop for two hours and Andy will give you constant, extremely direct feedback. Not mean or harsh, just to-the-point and without any unnecessary sugar coating. About your improv style, your physicality, how you present yourself in scenes, etc. And you’ll have a chance to try those notes out in MORE SCENES – after which you will receive even more notes.

September 27 - Movement From the Inside Out
with Jessica Arjet
 (Hideout kids program director, owner and regular mainstage director and player)
Your body holds the key to your emotions – it’s telling you what you need to know to make your scenes come alive. In this workshop Jessica will challenge you to connect with your body in ways that you’ve been avoiding – to breath into your emotions for more honest reactions and to integrate your body with your improv in order to present whole, authentic people on stage.

October 4 – Visible Intangibles
with Roy Janik
 (Hideout artistic director, owner and member of Parallelogramophonograph)
In improv, so much is invisible much of the time- the setting and props, sure, but there all also more intangible aspects that we cannot see. In this session, we’re going to make some invisible things visible in order to get moment by moment feedback in a scene. This will include the focus of the scene, audience interest, emotional intensity, and more.

$120 for the 10-session pass / 20 hours total, no class on Aug 30 / Workshops limited to 12 students / Class held at the Hideout Theatre downtown unless otherwise noted

Or $24 each week for any open spots not claimed by passholders

***Fine Print: 10-class pass holders will reserve their preferred classes ahead of time and any unclaimed spots each week will be sold to the general public. If you purchase a 10-class pass but then get cast in an upcoming Hideout Mainstage show that conflicts with Wednesday nights, we will refund the prorated remainder of your class purchase.

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Wed. Sep 20th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $24

Week 8: Efficient Unvarnished Notes with Andy Crouch (2 hrs)

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Wed. Sep 27th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $24

Week 9: Movement From the Inside Out with Jessica Arjet (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)

Sold Out!

Wed. Oct 4th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $24

Week 10:  Visible Intangibles with Roy Janik (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)