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Weekly Special Topics


Every Wednesday the Hideout brings you a workshop on a special topic in improvisation with the top improv instructors, directors and players in Austin. The third session of 10 classes in 2017 is focusing on Genre, with a deep dive each week into a unique genre of improved theater (with application in both short form games and scenes and narrative longform). You can register for all 10 classes for the crazy cheap price of $125 or you can register each week à la carte for $25.


October 11 – Jane Austen
with Kaci Beeler (director of Heavens, Mr. Darcy!)
Jane Austen is best known as the more feminine and romantic side of the British lit coin, but her works also feature big, fun characters among her tight-lipped and ultra-proper upper-class standbys. In this two-hour workshop we’ll explore playing these very British characters from accents to movement to tone and setting, and for the last bit of class, we’ll play with the verbal/euphemistic component of Heavens, Mr. Darcy!, the Hideout’s popular erotic Jane Austen show.

October 18 – Swords and Sorcery (Fantasy)
with Ryan Austin
 (director of Next Week on Game of Thrones)
Whether you know how many rings Sauron gifted to the Dwarf Lords or have never heard the term Mana Cost before, this workshop will teach you the ins and outs of playing in the magical and mythical realms of epic fantasy. We’ll break down the common tropes and character types and learn tools for creating your own specific brand of Dungeons, Dragons, Knights and Wights. Valar Morghulis!

October 25 – Space Sci-Fi
with Andreas Fabis
 (Director of One Small Step)
Journey to the vast reaches of space!  This workshop will teach you how to handle time hops, showing years of relationships condensed into just a few scenes, how to space walk without Zero G, and how to bring the outer galaxy to life.  Join us for a workshop that is out of this world.

November 1 – Fanfiction
with Bridget Brewer
 (Director of Orphans!)
You desperately, desperately love a thing.  Game of Thrones.  Adventure Time.  Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.  Alien: Prometheus (no judgment).  Whatever it is, you got emotions about it.  How do you channel these emotions?  One word: fanfiction!  In this workshop, we’re going to delve into what it takes to bring a genre-specific world with tight parameters to the stage, and how to abandon those pesky fears of “getting it exactly right” while also making them our own.

November 8 – H.P. Lovecraft
with Peter Rogers
 (Director of The Black Vault)
Bring the power of fear – from vague unease to crippling, existential terror – to your improv by drawing on the style of horror master H. P. Lovecraft.  Learn how to use Lovecraftian narration, scenework, and story structure to make an audience afraid of creepy monsters… and of their own cosmic insignificance.

November 15 – Zombie Horror
with Sarah Marie Curry
(director of RISEN: Improvised Stories in World War Z)
An intensive study into establishing tone and tension, brought to you by zombies! Students will create nightmare situations including zombie hoards, attacks, deaths and intensive improvised acting, all through the fun and safety of improvisational theater.


November 29 – Mockumentary
with Caeriel Crestin
 (Director of Close Up)
The mockumentary form works so harmoniously with improv comedy that learning its tools can up your improv game in any context. It’s the most direct route to conveying a character’s inner state to an audience, and playing with the deepest truth of your character for maximum impact.

December 6 – Shakespeare
with Andy Crouch
 (Director of Fakespeare)
Improvising Shakespeare can be intimidating until you realize that most people don’t understand what people are saying when they do actual Shakespeare, so how hard can it be to make up something that sounds about right that people don’t really need to understand? You’ll get five hardcore tips and tricks for making your improv sound like the greatest writer of the English language.

December 13 – Magical Realism
with Megan Sherrod
 (Hideout instructor and regular mainstage performer)
In this workshop we’ll explore elements of magical realism. We’ll focus on grounded, realistic scene work and layer in elements of magic that will take the scene to a new, heightened level. We’ll honor the reality of the world while giving it additional vibrancy through scene painting and narration.

December 20 – Silent Film
with Marc Majcher (Director of Golden)
Description coming soon.

$125 for the 10-session pass / 20 hours total, no class on November 22 / Workshops limited to 12 students / Class held at the Hideout Theatre downtown unless otherwise noted

Or $25 each week for any open spots not claimed by passholders

***Fine Print: 10-class pass holders will reserve their preferred classes ahead of time and any unclaimed spots each week will be sold to the general public. If you purchase a 10-class pass but then get cast in an upcoming Hideout Mainstage show that conflicts with Wednesday nights, we will refund the prorated remainder of your class purchase.

Weekly Special Topics

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Wed. Nov 29th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $25

Week 7: Mockumentary with Caeriel Crestin (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)

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Wed. Dec 6th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $25

Week 8: Shakespeare with Andy Crouch (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)

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Wed. Dec 13th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $25

Week 9: Magical Realism with Megan Sherrod (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)

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Wed. Dec 20th, 7:00pm-9:00pm. $25

Week 10: Silent Film with Marc Majcher (2 hrs) **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)