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The Improv Brain


The Improv Brain with Andrew Pish
Saturday, January 6, 1-3:30pm

Become a more flexible and savvy improviser in just three hours. Find the unique actor, director, and writer inside your head to unlock your intuitive talent. To become a more flexible improviser, we must understand what we’re bringing on stage in our bodies and in our heads. First, with personal feedback, see how your body is betraying what you’re doing on stage. Then explore how your brain utilizes your unique and intuitive creative talent. Become the best version of yourself on stage.

The improviser is the actor, director, and writer of their theater. In the Improv Brain, Andrew will present a framework for our individual and unique improv method. With the concepts presented, students will leave with a better understanding of how all the “yes and,” “risk,” and “failure bow” concepts fit into the larger picture of an improviser’s unique method.

An improv class at the Hideout Theatre inspired Andrew to leave his engineering degree at home and become a performer in Los Angeles. Years later, he’s performed in hundreds of improv shows in theaters and festivals across the country. Andrew frequents Los Angeles’ improv stages and calls iO West home. Andrew weaves his experience with Meisner acting, Lecoq physical theater, and Keith Johnstone/Del Close improv to present students with a cohesive improv method.

$35 / 2.5 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C