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Special Needs Demo


Special Needs Training Demo
with Lacy Alana
Sunday, May 21, 7:30-9:30pm (2 hours)

Interested in learning more about working with special needs or at-risk populations? Interested in learning more about the intersection of improv and therapeutic applications? Curious about how you might integrate tenets of improv into your own life in a way that would enhance whatever work you do?

This year, The Hideout is dialing up our efforts to bring improv to as many people as possible, especially undeserved populations, at-risk youth and adults, and others who wouldn’t otherwise have access to experiencing improv.

To do this, The Hideout wants to expand their pool of interested and capable volunteers, and expand the skillsets of current improv teachers. Interested in learning more about working with at-risk youth and adults? Interested in stepping up your teaching/diagnostic game in general? Looking for more resources/skills to handle difficult situations/behaviors in a “neurotypical” classroom of adults or youth? Want to learn more about how you could apply elements of improv and clinical intervention in your regular life or work settings? This training is for you! Training will be led by Lacy Alana, LCSW, the Hideout’s Special Needs Program Director and is free to anyone interested in participating.

Lacy Alana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, improviser, aerialist, trainer, and educator.  Professionally, Lacy eclectically combines her clinical expertise with her passion for improv theatre and the aerial arts.  Accordingly, she has created several innovative therapeutic and arts programs for at-risk youth, autistic youth and adults, and youth and adults who present with co-morbid mental health challenges.  Additionally, Lacy blends tenets of improvisational theatre with therapeutic pedagogy to provide education for other helping professionals, trainings in corporate settings, and experiential therapy groups that address a wide range of challenges, including eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma symptomology.  Lacy can be contacted through her website: lacyalana.com

The Hideout Theatre is committed to making improv accessible to all by further growing our specialized improv theatre programming. Having adapted programming allows the Hideout to customize class settings and instruction to specific groups, which maximizes accessibility, fun, and therapeutic benefit for all involved. The Hideout Theatre celebrates neurodiversity, and aims to support and celebrate all students.  Currently, the Hideout is offering programming to a wide range of youth and adults, including: weekly semester-long classes to autistic youth and adults, weekly classes at a local homeless shelter, weekly classes for at-risk youth who have involvement with the juvenile justice system, workshops for foster youth in residential treatment settings, workshops for youth at an LGBTQ community center, and workshops for at-risk youth in camp, school, and library settings.  The Hideout aims to continue expanding the services offered to specialized populations.

FREE Workshop / 2 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios (2505 E 6th St, Unit C)