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My Boundaries My Improv


The Test Lab:
My Boundaries, My Improv
with Jessica Arjet and Kaci Beeler


Women of improv, we’ve all been there: you’re excited to improvise and play when suddenly it happens; you’re endowed as a prostitute/a dumb girlfriend/a person who can’t speak, you’re steamrolled, your scene partner starts simulating unwanted sex, you’re undercut, unsupported, and left feeling shocked and dazed. Suddenly you go into your “fear/panic/safe brain,” the place we all go to when we feel threatened and scared. You are a great improviser, but you can’t improvise when you feel threatened (or even change the situation at hand) so you end up feeling like crap.
Well F*** that!

This unorthodox workshop led by Jessica Arjet and Kaci Beeler focuses on recalling past experiences in a group setting as a way to work through issues we’ve had on stage, in jams, in rehearsals, and around improv in general. If the class wants to this may even stray into role-playing real-life situations that happen off stage – like in the green room, out after a show, etc. We’ll take your negative experiences, act them out, and then together figure out more positive solutions and possible actions.
Let’s take control, take charge, and take back your improv – together!

**This class is for female-identifying improvisers only this time around.

$30 / 2 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C