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Level Seven


Level Seven: Living the Story

Level Six focused on narrative, or improvising a full-length story. That makes sense, because though we love a lot of things at The Hideout, narrative is our forte’ – the thing we’re the most passionate about. So it’s a shame that just as we’re getting into it in a direct way in classes, we’re done.

No longer. Roy Janik, the Artistic Director of The Hideout and company member of Parallelogramophonograph, is taking the journey a step further:

“I’m extraordinarily excited by Level Seven.

Level Six teaches you the “hows” of narrative, and now we’re going to focus on the “whys” and “whats.” Which is to say, we’re going mix up narrative with all the things that make improv such a vital artform: taking big risks, making big jumps, following our instincts before our brain knows what we’re up to, speeding past decades of story so that we can dwell in the moments that we really love.

We’ll be dissecting, reblending, and staging the moments from stories that grab us. We’ll read plays together, and we’ll play together. We’ll launch narratives in specific genres that tickle our fancy, and we’ll probably take at least one field trip.

That’s the most long-winded way ever of saying that we’re going to breathe LIFE into the stories we’re putting up on stage. Or at least we’ll try and fail, laughing all the way… and learning a ton in the process.”

Level Seven culminates in a showcase in the The Weekender, our Sunday showcase of student talent.

There is a lot of interest in this class, and we’re unsure of when it will be offered again, so sign up as soon as you can.

Class Details:
* class meets for 3 hours, twice a week.
* class lasts for six weeks
* limit 14 students

This time around we’re trying something new! Instead of the usual six weeks, we’ll be meeting twice a week on Monday and Tuesday. So the class will only take three weeks, but feature the same amount of class time and content.

To sign up for Level Seven, you must have:

* completed Level Six at The Hideout
* OR completed at least Level Four at The Hideout and taken The PGraph Narrative Intensive
* OR received permission to take the class from Roy.

Please contact Roy directly at roy@hideouttheatre.com if you have any questions at all.

Interested in taking the NEXT Level Seven? Email roy at roy@hideouttheatre.com to make your interest known.

Sold Out!

Mon. Feb 20th, 7:00pm-9:55pm. $230

Level Seven improv class with Roy Janik (3 weeks, meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays, 3 hours per session)