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Grab and Keep Your Power


Grab & Keep Your Power with Shannon Stott and Angie Yaeyama
Thursday, November 16, 7-10pm
**This workshop is part of our Wonder Women series of workshops BY women FOR women.

We often step on stage confident in our choices and abilities only to be stepped on in scenes, have our offers denied and lose our confidence. This workshop will help reveal how you may be subtly giving away your power.  After considering feedback and listening to your needs we have reworked this workshop in order to provide you with solid techniques and a better understanding of how to gain and keep your power as a character and more importantly as an improviser.

Shannon Stott LOVES Improv. She has been teaching and performing since 2003 and has never stopped loving it.  She knows that having a grasp on the lessons improv offers can improve ones communication skills which gives one a better understanding of ones self and others which creates unification and eventually world peace, which is all her father ever asks for for Christmas.  Need city name drops?  Shannon Stott has taught and performed improv in New York City, Los Angeles and Nairobi.  Need titles?  Shannon Stott was crowned “Funniest Short Form Improviser in Austin”in 2017, by the 5 improv theaters in Austin Texas.

Angie Yaeyama found improv back in 2013 while studying to become a life coach. She found that with improv, the concepts of life coaching, like taking meaningful risks, reframing internal dialog around failure, strengthening intuitive decision making, could all be experienced and gained using hands-on practice. She also found that it’s way more fun. Angie ditched one-on-one coffee shop wisdom sessions and went on to play in multiple main stage shows in Austin improv theaters, recently debuting as an instructor at the Hideout Theatre. Outside of improv, Angie balances her time as a plant-based chef and a translator. Her passion is to help others uncover their creative voice in whatever medium their hearts desire.

$36 / 3 hours / This is an all-female workshop, Limited Space **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C