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Giving and Receiving Feedback


Giving and Receiving Feedback
with Rachel Austin

Have you ever received feedback in an improv scene or in a show that you just weren’t sure what to do with? Or you completely disagreed with? In this workshop, using the Emotional Intelligence model, to finesse this super important skill – giving/receiving feedback.

The first half will be focused on receiving feedback from a director type roll, workshopping how do you receive feedback when: you disagree with the director; it’s a trouble area for you and you’ve heard the feedback before; you want feedback and didn’t get it.

The second half will focus on troupe/duo dynamics and giving/receiving feedback to each other. There will be scenework but this workshop is more focused on the relationships/emotions underneath the art we do, and making sure those things don’t get in the way of the good stuff.

A long time theater lover and performer, Rachel Austin discovered improv while getting coffee at the Hideout and, in an impulse move, took their free class. Then she fell in love. She studied improv at the Hideout Theatre, is a member of the troupe Physics Curse and performs monthly in Date Night at the Hideout. Shows she has been a part of include: 50+ Maestros, 2016 47-Hour Marathon cast member, Process (Hideout), I’ll Take the Physical Challenge (Hideout), Coven (The Institution), Peter Pan and the Great Unknown (Hideout), Damn Gina Presents The Nightwatch (ColdTowne), Camp Madeuponthespotta (Hideout), It’s Saturday Night! (ColdTowne), Organ Trail (ColdTowne); Beach Boys Solve a Mystery (ColdTowne), Lonely Star (The Institution), Origins (Hideout), and has guested for PGraph and Tarantula. She also performed sound for Dahl House (Hideout) and A Deed So Dark (Hideout) and was the assistant director for Nothing and Everything (Hideout).

A few fun facts: She has reoccurring dreams that she eats one of her ears. She hates ketchup and pandas but loves a good sci-fi novel. She’s working on a book about a B&B and a ghost. For the 9 to 5, Rachel works in public relations, specifically in the technology industry.

$25 / 2.5 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios (2505 E 6th St, Unit C)