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Getting Real


Getting Real with Jessica Arjet
Wednesdays 7-9pm, Sept 19-Oct 10 (4 classes)

Week 1- Get real with your self – We’ll start with kind but through diagnostics. Then I’ll asses your needs to show you tips and tricks and tactics to make you shine on stage.

Week 2 – Get real with your body – I’ll take you through a mixture of clown and improv body work that will help you use the instrument of your body to support your scene work.

Week 3- Get real with your emotions – Fire burns and Electricity crackles, you want that same level of excitement on stage. Learn how to channel your emotions to bring that same tension to the audience.

Week 4 – Get real on stage – Drawing on my 40 years of experience in the theater I will help you learn how to communicate your art to the stage. We will end with another round of scene work to see how far we have progressed.

Jessica Arjet is a co-owner of The Hideout Theatre. She has an eclectic background starting with years in community and regional theater, and a successful career as a professional clown. Currently she is the producer, director, and actor in the Hideout Theater’s children’s improv program with classes, shows, and a touring troupe. Jessica performs a variety of improv styles, such as grounded, character based work, fast and silly stories and games, and the genre/narrative work frequently explored by the Hideout Theatre’s main stage shows – most recently Sexy Future Space Lady. Her weekly show The Arjet Universe, features guests from around Austin and the world. Currently she continues to perform, direct, produce and teach in Austin, Texas and around the country.

$100 for all 4 weeks / 8 hours / Limited Space / Class held at The Hideout Theatre – 617 Congress Ave