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From Justin to Kelly


Love the One You’re With
with Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters
Saturday, July 15, 1-4pm

Conflict and emotional distance can work their way into one’s play over time until they become dominant choices. But what if instead of choosing conflict, we choose love instead? Making a conscious decision to appreciate and collaborate with your scene partner can take your scenework in unexpected and wonderful directions. In this workshop, we will introduce techniques for finding meaningful connections with your scene partner, and explore the virtues of playing from a standpoint of total agreement. When you choose to embrace your scene partners rather than resist them, the possibilities for your scenework are truly limitless.

• The workshop is perfect for players looking to expand and diversify their character and relationship choices.
• Students will come away with a range of new and effective “improv hacks” to help them create rich, sustainable scenes.
• If you feel like you’ve been “in your head” lately, this workshop will help you get out of it, and renew your sense of discovery and play.
• Justin and Kelly are dynamic and positive teachers with decades of experience who are known all over the country for their work. They will be teaching at Camp Improv Utopia East this September.


Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters are two of America’s top independent improvisers. As the duo From Justin to Kelly, they spend most of their time on tour, performing and teaching at theaters and festivals around the country; since 2014, they have given over 150 shows and workshops in 23 different states. Their signature form is the Walter, a minimalistic monoscene that emphasizes silence, eye contact, and total commitment to the moment. Off stage, they promote a DIY ethos that encourages improvisers to find their own voices and own their own work. They are based in New York City, where they are the founders of Countdown Theater, a roaming pop-up improv collaborative. With St. Petersburg’s Spitfire Theater, they are the co-organizers of the 321 Improv Festival. They spend a lot of time in the car, talking about the radio. Website/Facebook: www.fromjustintokelly.org | facebook.com/fromjustintokellycomedy

$35 / 3 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios (2505 E 6th St, Unit C)