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Feedback Workshops


Get direct personal feedback on your improv from the top teachers and performers in Austin.

Upcoming Feedback Workshops:

Maestro Meltdown with Ace Manning
June 10 and 17 | Sundays 4-6:30pm

ITS THE IMPROV CROSSFIT, BUT WITH MORE VOMIT. I have performed in too many Maestros, watched many more as a light board op, and received training in the form from Keith Johnstone (creator of Maestro). This workshop will put my experience with this fickle format to good use – we will drill, drill, drill all your favorite and hated games, setups and restrictions until Maestro is working for you. Make Hell Dub your bitch, nail Pan Left Pan Right, handle New Choice like a pro, and don’t get hung up by word restrictions or solo scenes. Don’t just settle for the audience liking you, make them love you. Compete with distinction.

Ace Manning has been performing improv for over 18 years. He has performed all over the US in festivals and touring shows, and with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. He currently lives in Austin, Texas and regularly performs with The Knuckleball Now in addition to his work with the Available Cupholders.


$70 for two weeks (5 hours) / Limited space / Classes held at The Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave.)