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Enthusiastic Yes And


An Enthusiastic Yes And
with Shannon Stott
Tuesday, November 27, 7-9:30 pm

When you walk off stage, do you feel like you got everything that you wanted? The balance between your wants and giving into your scene partner’s suggestions can often feel like a win-lose situation. In this workshop, you’ll practice how to recognize your feelings in each moment on stage and learn to use those instincts to honor yourself, the scene, and your scene partner.

Shannon Stott has been a lover, teacher and performer of improv for over 10 years. Through teaching across the country and around the world she has learned that understanding how to communicate with self and with others is paramount. Shannon Stott brings passion to her classes as she asks students to question their habitual improv choices.

$30 / 2.5 hours / Limited Space **Class held at The Hideout Theatre – 617 Congress Ave.