Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
with Paul Normandin
Wednesday, June 12, 7-9:30pm

The improv troupe In Our Prime works on the premise: never go for the joke at the sake of the integrity of the characters, scene, and/or show. Darkness creeps into shows. Let it. Double down on it. In this workshop, you’ll learn the nuance of playing it “straight and real” through connection with your scene partners, the character you are playing, and story that is coming out.

Through a rigorous belief that improvisational actors have everything they need to make a play happen from nothing, we offer our steps to developing characters, relationships, and the scene in the space you have. Character work through the range of a character’s emotions (Jill Bernard’s Mad – Sad – Glad – Afrad) by delving into multiple facets of their life – work, romance, family, and friends. Relationships that span the range of the character you create by engaging them in emotional situations fostered by intimacy, romance, and distance. Storytelling through the communal activity of “The Story Spine” and “And-But-Therefore.” Actors will use connection tools to develop trust with each other to better go into the dark together.

Paul Normandin is an award-winning storyteller (the 2016 Houston Moth GrandSlam Champion and the 2017 Texas “Tejas” StorySlam Champion). Paul is the founder of In Our Prime and has performed in many show runs in Austin, most recently he performed in Fox Den Productions Improvised two-act play Shattered. Paul has been learning, performing, and teaching improv and storytelling across the United States for over nine years after starting right here at The Hideout. With over 100 shows, In Our Prime has found tools to help ourselves and others work through the ideas of the dramatic and comedic to find a balance.

$30 / 2.5 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at the Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave)