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Dive Into the Story


Dive Into the Story with Troy Miller
Saturday, January 27, 1-3:30pm

Every improv scene tells a story. Every good story has structure. And understanding the structure gives you incredible freedom to tell any kind of story, infusing it with with passion, drama, action, suspense, and ultimately taking your audience on a ride they won’t soon forget. This workshop will help you dive into the heart of story, where we’ll explore dramatic beats, character complexity, rising action, and climactic payoff. We’ll look at not only finding the self-contained scenic story, but what it means to create a full-length narrative comprised of multiple scenes. You’ll be able to figure out what kind of story you’re in (genre), so that you can either subvert or deepen it. And your scenes will be richer and your stories more compelling — whether you are an improvisor or storyteller of any kind.

TROY ANTHONY MILLER is an award-winning improviser and screenwriter of over 15 years, beginning as an original company member at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX). At The Hideout, he specialized in directing improvised genre narratives, including the critically acclaimed shows HITCHCOCKED! and START TREKKIN (official selection to the 40th “Star Trek” Anniversary in Las Vegas), and audience favorites A PENNY DREADFUL (gothic horror) and SCENE OF THE CRIME (murder mystery). His nationally-touring comedy troupe CONFIDENCE MEN (improvised David Mamet) was a two-time winner of the B. Iden Payne Award for Best Improvisational Theatre (Austin’s version of the Tony’s). His other Austin-based improv troupes including BRAIN TRUST, JUNK, and DANGER! WARNING! IMPROV!. As a screenwriter, he has twice won the Austin Film Festival’s Screenplay Competition, and his script THE HITCH was optioned by filmmaker Frank Darabont (SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, WALKING DEAD). He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he performs regularly at Impro Studio (home of the world-renowned Impro Theatre) and around the city with his improv troupe SHELL COMPANY.

$35 / 2.5 hours / Limited Space / **Class held at Hideout Studios – 2505 E 6th St, Unit C