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Directing Improv


Directing Improv with Andy Crouch
Wednesdays 7-9pm, Oct 17, 24 and Nov 7 (3 classes)

Over three weeks, this class will cover three unique kinds of directing in improvisation. We’ll be exploring the work through games, scenes and all manner of improv, so expect to be up on your feet most of the time. Participants will get hands-on practice directing each week.

Week 1 – Directing Shortform – The Hideout Theatre specializes in directed shortform improv. Whether it’s Maestro, Student Showcases, Fancy Pants, or the mythical Gorilla Theatre, this style of playful, supportive side coaching is tricky to pull off but can make a show feel thrilling and mischievous while still keeping things on the rails. We’ll cover when to over-direct, how to help without micromanaging the improvisers, and when to just get out of the way. Expect games, scenes and a focus on the responsibilities of a Maestro director.

Week 2 – Directing Narrative  – The Hideout’s other specialty! From the Big Bash to our many directed narrative longforms (Charles Dickens, Story to the Death, Pick Your Path, Control Issues, etc.) Hideout shows have been using a side coach/director/narrator for years to help set improvisers up for success in one of the most challenging forms of improv. We’ll cover the various flavors of directing and how to create the kind of playfulness and “second show”-style heat that having a director allows for.

Week 3 – Directing a Mainstage – This week will cover the more traditional definition of directing – how to create an improv show from concept to auditions to rehearsals to performances. We’ll talk about how to balance the various needs of a show, cast, and theater and we’ll workshop some of your show ideas (so bring a concept you think would make for a fun improv show).

Andy Crouch took his first improv class at The Hideout Theatre in 2001, started teaching improv to students of all ages in 2003, and more than a decade ago he took over the roles of Education Director (and Director of Professional Development). He’s endlessly intrigued by improv as an art form — studying with top instructors all over the world, directing Hideout shows like Maestro, Theatresports, Gorilla Theatre, Start Trekkin’ and creating new formats like Fandom: Improvised Fan Fiction, Fakespeare, Story to the Death, the Big Bash, Next Week on Game of Thrones and Live Nude Improv — but his real passion is spreading the transformative and empowering ideas of improv as far and wide as possible.

$80 for all 3 weeks / 6 hours / Limited Space / Class held at The Hideout Theatre – 617 Congress Ave