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Direct Feedback

Direct Feedback with Andy Crouch
Two sessions:
Saturday, Dec 22, 11am-3:15pm
Saturday, Jan 5, 11am-3:15pm


This is a no-frills Direct Personal Feedback workshop. In the first two hours you’ll play in tons of scene starts, full scenes and games, followed by a quick-and-dirty diagnosis of your habits and the kinds of challenges that can help you break out of them.

After a short 20-minute break the workshop will resume with two more hours of surgically precise scenes, games and narrative challenges that implement your individual feedback.

Andy Crouch took his first improv class at The Hideout Theatre in 2001, started teaching improv to students of all ages in 2003, and more than a decade ago he took over the roles of Education Director (and Director of Professional Development). He’s endlessly intrigued by improv as an art form — studying with top instructors all over the world, directing Hideout shows like MaestroTheatresports, Gorilla Theatre, Start Trekkin’ and creating new formats like Fandom: Improvised Fan Fiction, Fakespeare, Story to the Death, the Big Bash, Next Week on Game of Thrones and Live Nude Improv — but his real passion is spreading the transformative and empowering ideas of improv as far and wide as possible.

$50 / 4 hours / Limited Space / Class held at The Hideout Theatre – 617 Congress Ave