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Announcing tonight’s Super Secret WaffleFest Show

Okay, it took some wrangling, but we’re finally proud to announce what Thursday’s (tonight’s) super secret WaffleFest show at 10pm actually is.

Tonight you’ll be treated to an unprecedented superstar improv show… a gathering of some of Austin’s most amazing lady improvisers in one show.


I almost can’t believe it. So let’s break it down. Here are just a few of these fabulous ladies’ accomplishments.

Emma Holder: She is a founding member of Big, Beautiful Warlock, a survivor of the 43 Hour Improv Marathon, and an improv teacher to children.

Erika McNichol: An amazing teacher, coach, and performer at ColdTowne. She’s a founding member of The Frank Mills and Tight, and one of the  best improvisers in the world (in my humble opinion).

Kaci Beeler: Today she was voted “Best Actor/Actress” in Austin by Austin Chronicle readers. She’s also part of Parallelogramophonograph, The Amazon & The Milksop, and is the Hideout’s Director of Visual Design.

Lauren Buck: One of the most generous and consistently charming improvisers I know. She’s an old-school Hero of Comedy, a teacher with Merlinworks, a yoga instructor, and currently super pregnant.

Shana Merlin: The FOUNDER of The Merlinworks School of Improvisation, the director of Dusk: Improvised Tween Erotica, part of Get Up, the founder of Girls Girls Girls: Improvised Musicals, and an amazing teacher. She also just recently announced That Merlinworks will be moving to the Zach Scott Theater!

Aden Kirschner:  I most recently saw Aden at The Drafthouse Ritz, hosting their election night coverage. She always lights up the stage. She teaches at Merlinworks, is a company member of Girls Girls Girls, and plays in countless other shows.

Courtney Hopkin: Part of the astoundingly funny sketch group Your Terrific Neighbors. She’s also performed in a lot of Hideout mainstage shows, including Austin Secrets, the upcoming Fandom, Process, and Charles Dickens Unleashed!

Halyn Lee Erickson: Halyn is a go-to Hideout performer. She’s been in loads of Hideout mainstage shows, including Process, Charles Dickens Unleashed, and Austin Secrets.

Kayla Freeman: A company member of Local Genius Society, a cast member of Austin Secrets, and the Sunday night house manager. She’s known for being fearlessly playful on stage.

Amy Averett: A member of Girls Girls Girls, and a big-wig hotshot over at The Alamo Drafthouse. Amy’s a helluva a singer and performer.


This show is an unofficial “Best of The Fringe” show. And one of the craziest, most ludicrous things we’ve done in the Fringe is called The Floor is Lava.

Everyone improvises as normal… except the floor is LAVA!

Improvisers have to perform on top of chairs, benches, blocks, etc… whatever they can do to keep off the floor.

If they touch the floor, they die, and have to leave the scene.


I know it sounds insane. And it is. But when this format debut, it was absolutely hilarious. So we’re super happy to bring it back.

Here’s the cast for The Floor is Lava:

Taylor Overstreet, Sarah Swofford, Sam Schak, Jessie Pascarelli, David Lampe, Jason Vines, Alex Hillary, Justin Davis, Asaf Ronen, and Lindsey Reeves.

FINALLY (but going first in the set) is another Fringe staple, The New Game People. Jon Bolden, Lauren Buck, Alex Dobrenko, and Roy Janik will create brand new improv games based off audience suggestions. The twist? They will be waffle themed in honor of this important festival.

Seriously, though, that lineup of ladies is reason enough to see this show. I’m unbelievably excited that this is happening at The Hideout.

This all goes down tonight, Thursday, November 8, 2012, at 10pm.

Get your tickets on the WaffleFest page:


See you there!


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