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November, 2015

The Toppings Tally

WaffleFest 2015 is in FULL SWING! The is the 14th year of all-you-can-eat waffles and comedy and we’re so excited everyone is enjoying the festival so much! Our favorite part of the festival is coming up with fun topping combos!

Here’s the list of the toppings we have available:


Peanut butter



Chocolate sauce


Whipped cream





Get your tickets to WaffleFest here!

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Bonanza of Inspiration

by Boy, Howdy! director Kaci Beeler

One of the inspirations for our latest mainstage Boy, Howdy! is the 1960s western juggernaut Bonanza. Director Kaci Beeler takes us through her favorite, most inspiring Bonanza episodes!

Boy, Howdy! opens this Saturday (November 7) at 8pm and runs Saturdays in November and December! Click here to get your tickets!

 A Rose for Lotta 

Season 1, Episode 1

Who doesn’t love a pilot episode? Everything about the Cartwrights is delightfully overstated. Plus, two brothers fighting over one sultry woman? Drama-llama. 

Watch the episode! 


San Francisco 

Season 1, Episode 28 

Ben, Hoss, and Little Joe vacation in San Francisco and end up in a Shanghai fiasco. Love seeing those cowboys using their smarts in the big city!

Watch the episode! 


The Ape 

Season 2, Episode 14

Hoss befriends and helps a large and mentally-challenged man who is misunderstood by everyone else. It’s sweet and sad. And Leonard Nimoy guest stars!!

Watch the episode!


 The Flapjack Contest

Season 6, Episode 15

This episode is one of the few “comedy” episodes – which means it’s very over-the-top with lots of slapstick. I absolutely love this one. I find it so charming to watch Little Joe and Hoss break things and get into small-time trouble.

Watch the episode! 


Click here to get your tickets to Boy, Howdy!

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