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January, 2015

Cat Drago: Bedtime Storytelling

Wanderlust runs Saturdays at 8pm in January and February
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Stories are, and always have been, an important part of my family. As a kid, my sister and I required a bedtime story from my dad every night. He would make up the wildest of tales, transporting us to other times and places and filling our heads with the most elaborate of adventures.

He and my mom occasionally would go on trips for work, and to spare us the horror of having to go to bed without a bedtime story, they each made us a tape with stories on them. These were no ordinary voice recordings: they had sound effects of lions and trains and blizzards, with my parents giving details that really made us feel like we were there in the story with them, feeling the hot sun on our faces, or listening to the river under the boat. We would listen until we fell asleep every night.

I’ve never forgotten those stories.  I think that humanity as a whole connects to the process of Story and Storytelling in ways that we don’t always connect to anything else, even other forms of art. I think that’s why I love the work produced by the Hideout so much, because they give so much respect and enthusiasm toward the art of telling sincere stories.

Wanderlust fulfills that awesome itch I have for telling tales in a way I haven’t experienced since my dad’s improvised bedtime stories as a kid.  Not only do we get to go along for a story, but because of the unique structure of the ensemble and featured adventurers each week, we also get to experience it. It’s like the difference between 2-D and 3-D. You can see the world change around the characters, hear the wind blowing as they walk through a canyon, and see a visual representation of their feelings onstage. It’s a really amazing experience to be a part of.  Ruby and Aaron had such a clear vision from the very beginning, and to see that vision slowly playing out and coming to fruition has been both challenging and rewarding.  We even have this modular set that we can essentially mold to fit whatever we fancy for each scene.

I think storytelling is fun, it is artistic, but it is also IMPORTANT.  It is how we share worlds and experiences with each other, with our children, with complete strangers. It is how we connect as humans. My dad has Alzheimer’s now, and can’t remember the stories that he once told. But my sister and I will never forget those silly little tales, and like many stories told around the world, they mean far more to us than the words they took to tell.

           Come see a story unfold before YOUR eyes, and experience Wanderlust for yourself every Saturday in January and February at 8pm.


 Cat Drago plays a highlighted role
February 14th with Ryan Austin

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Nicole Oliver: Grand Canyon Flashback

Wanderlust runs Saturdays at 8pm in January and February
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by Wanderlust cast member Nicole Oliver

When I was younger, my mom and I would go on road trips. They were the best. We would pack up our small cooler with drinks, snacks and sandwiches. I was in charge of the maps. Bags, blankets, pillows all piled in the back seat. My mom and I had this unwritten rule where if we saw a sign while driving for a fun or weird place, we would exit and take an adventure. We always had adventures; Caverns in any state we visited, alien museum in Roswell, New Mexico riding horses in a ghost town in Tombstone, Arizona.

My favorite road trip ever was to The Grand Canyon. “It’s not going to be that big of a deal”, I thought to myself. I had seen pictures and had always heard of the Grand Canyon. To me, it was just a pretty big place with rocks and a big hole in the middle.

We were getting closer. There were trees everywhere which surprised me. On this winding road, we started to see cars pulled over on the side of the road. I was confused to as what was going on. All of a sudden my mom pulled the car over. “We’re here.” She was so excited, it was instantly contagious. I kept thinking, “We’re on the side of the road. THIS? This is it?!” We hopped out of the car and went through the trees. After just a minute, there it was. I mean. THE GRAND CANYON. Just past a few trees on the side of the road, no guard rail. The Grand Canyon.

It surpassed all my expectations and took my breath away. I was struck by how unbelievably big it was. Simply beautiful with endless colors cascading. We stayed for a bit in that area just taking it all in before getting back in the car to drive further in. I can’t recall how much time we spent there; hours, most of the day. We hardly talked to one another. I believe we were both swept away by this incredible creation. We took turns taking pictures of one another and debated taking a donkey ride down the canyon (we opted not to because we were afraid we would die). It’s a pool of memories that I will never forget.

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a project called “Wanderlust”. We literally get to create these moments time and time again. That’s what drew me in. Living in past memories and being so connected to one person on stage for an entirety of the show. That relationship is the pillar of our show. It’s an ambitious production for sure but that’s the beauty. All the small details coming back into play, which seem meaningless but are the one’s you’ll never forget. Mine is my mom packing my favorite sandwiches for our trips in little plastic baggies that didn’t zip but folded over the top. How did I know that those small details would stay with me 20 years later?  That’s this show. All the details and moments we have lived that make up the memories and relationships which will stay with us forever.


 Nicole Oliver plays a highlighted role
January 24th with Katie Dahm

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Encore! A Penny Dreadful’s Final Show


A Penny Dreadful is back for an encore this Saturday, January 10th @ 6:00pm. The show is sold out (as were all the others), which is dreadful news for those who haven’t seen it. So we thought we’d twist the knife even further with a few reviews from last week’s show. Mwuahaha!

“Seeing *A Penny Dreadful* at the Hideout was an awesome experience. I loved seeing the humor and silliness of the show captivate not only the audience, but the cast members, too. The show even proved to be family-friendly as it kept a young girl — maybe six or seven years old — sitting in front of me on the edge of her seat, howling with laughter. I wish I could see this group perform again. Great performances, all around!”

“Wow! We saw A Penny Dreadful at the Hideout and were we impressed! The actors were on target with dialogue and offered a story that was well put together. It had all the elements usually found in plays and given in a most professional style. Improv like this is not to be missed.”

“I forgot I was watching improv, it seemed scripted at times, it was so good!”

“We loved it! The time flew by — it was fast paced and so funny! I highly recommend an evening at the Hideout to see A Penny Dreadful!!”

APD hopes to return to the stage again in the near future. In the meantime, you can watch a recording of the cast strangling each other on live television. Wahoo!


Click here to watch the video

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