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December, 2013

Auditions for Improv Musicians

Where: The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress Ave

When: Sunday, January 12th, 4 to 7pm.

The Hideout Theatre in conjunction with Girls Girls Girls is holding an open audition on Sunday, January 12, 4-7pm for musicians capable of scoring, accompanying, and generally being a huge, fun part of the various improv comedy and theater shows happening at the Hideout every weekend and with Girls Girls Girls (improvised musical comedy) at venues all over Austin.

Submit here: http://hideout.cc/1gfRTcz

For anyone not familiar, improv is theatre and comedy created on the spot without any planning by a cast of players, and it comes in a wide variety of shows and formats, from Whose Line is it Anyway?-style games and short scenes to entire plays in the style of Shakespeare or David Mamet. The Austin improv scene has been expanding rapidly for the last decade, and one of the most exciting aspects of that expansion has been musical improvisation.

We’ve got a handful of great musicians who are currently covering a lot of shows and classes in town, but we’d like to have more musicians in the mix, so we’re holding this open audition.

General requirements:
-Owns and plays a generally useful instrument (piano or guitar are the most common)
-Familiar with a wide variety of musical styles and specific songs
-Enthusiastic about collaborating with playful people
-Able to improvise accompaniment in the moment
-General availability on Friday and Saturday evenings

Most musical improv gigs at the Hideout pay $50 for a 2 to 3-hour commitment.

If you are interested please fill out the Audition Form here: http://hideout.cc/1gfRTcz

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