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April, 2012

Improv Playhouse is Coming for a Visit

This weekend’s guest troupe and workshop instructors Improv Playhouse are the closest thing to family that the Hideout Theatre has. Regina Saisi is a founding member of BATS Improv in San Francisco and has been teaching, improvising and directing shows with them since 1986, a full decade before Hideout founder and original artistic director Sean Hill brought the BATS brand of improv comedy to Austin.

It was in the mold of BATS that the Hideout was created, embracing Johnstone-style improvisation with classic “shortform” shows (Maestro, Theatresports and Gorilla Theatre) and encouraging the evolution of this naturally story-based strain of improvisation into “narrative longform” in which stories are improvised over a longer period of time, often in a specific genre or format.

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Interview with the “Sarge” of Bunker 13

Roy here.

Bunker 13 is an improv group from Seattle that is coming down for the Improvised Play Festival. They do a completely improvised show set in the midst of the Vietname War. Fatigues, cammo, explosions, and letters from home are the order of the day.

In anticipation of their upcoming show, I asked Mike Christensen, the creator of Bunker 13, some questions. As the director, it’s only fitting that in the show his character is “Sarge”.

ROY: How did Bunker 13 get its start, and what was the motivation behind it?

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