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January, 2012

Sci-Fi Comedy Double Feature Podcast

The following is the transcription of the beginning of a 10 minute audio podcast with cast members (pictured above) of The Sci-Fi Comedy Double Feature premiering at the Hideout this Saturday at 8pm.

Troy: Okay, welcome to the Sci-Fi [Comedy] Double Feature podcast with some members of the cast…
(cast members create a musical intro to podcast)

Troy: We have some members of the cast here, we’re going to discuss the show. I’m Troy Miller, I’m going to moderate this podcast. We’ll go around the circle this way (clockwise), please introduce yourself…
Andy: Hi, I’m Andy Crouch.
Alex: Hi, I’m Alex Dobrenko.
Ruby: I’m Ruby Wilmann.
Lauren: I’m Lauren Zinn.
Troy: Okay, great. So, let’s get right into this. Uh– so, first off– how many of you, besides me, because I would consider this, how many of you would consider yourselves “Trekkies”, or hardcore fans of Star Trek? Do we have any Trekkies here?
Andy: I would say I’m an appreciator, but not a Trekkie. I grew up with a passionate love of Star Wars, so I think I’m excluded from–
Troy: That is not part of this discussion.

Alex: Somebody get this guy out of here.
Lauren: Andy, it’s a whole different movie. Whole different characters.
Troy(to others, sans Andy) I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t Trek fans, like hard core…
Ruby: I was never a Trekkie, but for about a year and a half in grade school, in elementary school, I watched Star Trek, the original series, every day after school.
Lauren: Ahhhh.
Ruby: Having said that, fifteen years later I could not remember any of the character names.
Andy: Yeah, yeah– Ruby wanted to audition for the show, and I was pop quizzing her, and I don’t even think she got Spock right.
Ruby: That’s not true.
Alex: I thought I was auditioning for Star Wars. (laughter) So, when I got cast it was strange.
Troy: Let’s talk about Twilight Zone…
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