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October, 2010

jetBlue Video About Improv

This comes courtesy of The Hideout’s cultural liaison Michael McGill.

It’s a video put out by the airline jetBlue as part of their Be True series… which seems to be stories of passion and inspiration by 6 different people.

This video is by John Swist, and it’s all about improv.

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Student Stories: Shruti Saran

The Hideout teaches five levels of improv classes, and we thought it might be illuminating for you to hear from the students in their own words.

Here’s Shruti Saran, a current Level 5 student

“Big Booty Big Booty Big Booty, Ooohhh Yeah!”

“Big Booty number four”

“four to the five”

“five to the nine”

“nine to the booty….”

And so began a level four improv class.

We were warming up, getting the silliness flowing with this ridiculous counting game, and relying on the synergy of large rear ends and numbers to get us in the right mindset for scene work. This is why I love improv. It grants me a few hours a week to be incredibly silly with other people in a space where we are challenged to shape our silliness into something that is better, more entertaining, and usually somewhat coherent – a scene.

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