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February, 2010

We Now Have an Intro Video!

Kaci here! I’m letting you know that starting in March the Hideout Theatre will be playing an informative and badass intro video before every show.

I’ve always wanted to make this sort of video (I love setting images to music) and after seeing similar things go well in other venues I decided it was time to step up and make one for the theater I love the most.

Here is the first of many to come (I’ll let it speak for itself):

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Death to Secrets

As the final Austin Secrets show approaches (Saturday the 27th!), I’d like to reflect a minute on its success.

Via any measure we care to use, it’s been the most successful show The Hideout Theatre has put up… as least as far as we know. Every show since the first one has sold out, and we’ve regularly been turning away 15+ people from the box office. In fact, the past 3 weekends have sold out online before the physical box office opened, and with 33 presales already, the final weekend might even sell out before Saturday.

It’s one of those rare shows that audiences love, and that the performers equally love being in.

How do we know, beyond mere ticket sales, that audiences are loving the show? Well, it turns out, we actually have metrics for that.

On our website, when you purchase a ticket, it asks you how you heard about the show. You see a little dropbox with lots of options, like this:

How Did You Hear About the Show?

How Did You Hear About the Show?

Your answer gets stored in a database, and as time goes on and orders come in, we can run reports on the collected information. The report we’ve been running looks at all the orders placed for Austin Secrets, and for each option in the list, counts up the number of times people have cited it as the way they heard about the show.

What do you suppose is the number one option?

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Valentine’s Day is WHEN?


You had the best of intentions. I know you did.


It’s not your fault. No one would say that. You’re busy all the time, and you lead a busy life. And the days fly by faster than they ever had before. Your brain still thinks it’s January, and yet, somehow, SOMEHOW, this Sunday is February 14th, and that means it’s  Valentine’s Day. Oh. DAMN.

And that also means that your solemn vow to make this year’s Valentine’s Day unique and special is once again going to get delegated to next year. If you hurry right now, you might still be able to reservations at… somewhere. Right?

But wait.

There’s hope.

We feel your pain, and we’ve got the solution.

Every year, we put on a special Valentine’s Day comedy show just for people like you, and your loving, trusting partners. It’s called Love is a Funny Thing. It’s Valentine’s Day themed, it’s downtown… There’s chocolate. There’s flowers. It’s in close proximity to a number of nice, downtown restaurants.

And you can still get tickets.

You can do this. It’s unique. It’s affordable. And it’s perfect.

And you can buy tickets right here.

Don’t worry. We got your back.

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