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August, 2009

Improvised Dickens Auditions

The Hideout Theatre is putting on a production of Improvised Charles Dickens this November and December, Saturdays at 8pm. We are holding open auditions Tuesday September 15th at 7:00pm for additional cast members and understudies to join our talented and experienced cast.

The production will be directed by Kaci Beeler and Jessica Arjet and feature costumes, a painted set, music, lights, sound design, and a heavy marketing push. It’s going to be our big holiday show of the season. This will be a narrative show that will focus strongly on the ensemble telling a dark and morbid Dickens story together.

We are also looking for people interested in tech positions (a great way to be involved with the show). We’re looking for dedicated lighting and sound improvisers who will make important decisions for the show from the tech booth. We can train you.

Rehearsals will be either Tuesday or Wednesday nights starting September 22nd/23rd depending on majority availability.  All cast members are expected to study Dickens outside of rehearsals.

Interested improvisers please send Kaci an e-mail at kaci at hideouttheatre.com.

For the auditions you just need to bring yourself.

Hope to see you September 15th!

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Hideout Classes featured on Psychology Today blog

Jenna Baddeley, a recent Hideout student, has an article up in the Psychology Today blog entitled “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Improv”.

Here are a couple of choice quotes:

“Want to get along better with life? I think of ‘yes, and’ in the broadest sense as saying ‘yes’ to what life brings you – the good, the bad, the indifferent – and building on what’s already there.”

We couldn’t agree more. For some reason, our natural tendency in life is to say “no” to opportunities that arise, out of some some sort of misplaced fear or sense of self-defense. If there’s one thing we try to teach in level 1, it’s to say “yes.”

“In a way, though, improv is just like play therapy for adults.”

Want Jenna’s experience for yourself? Register for level one today.

Read the full article On the Psychology Today website here.

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Finished Nintendo Set

Kaci has just finished the Nintendo set. Here it is in all its 8-bit glory:

Finished Nintendo Set

What lucky dogs get to perform on this masterpiece?

Naturally all the groups performing in the Hideout upstairs at Out of Bounds.  See the massive show calendar on the OOB website for that lineup.

But  your first chance to see it in action is tonight (8/27) in the Threefer, with 2nd Place Finish, The Love Notes, & Snackers. Buy tickets here.

Then of course there’s all the shows this Friday and Saturday.  See the calendar for more details.

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Bullet Time

Kaci’s fantastic work on the set painting for Out of Bounds continues.



Kaci says she’s not finished, so tomorrow will bring a lot of detail work.

I know that this is just for Out of Bounds, but this really makes me want to do a Ninendo-themed one-off show before painting over this set.

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Prime Time

Kaci, our Director of Design, is at this very moment painting the stage walls. We’ve loved having the dark forest motif. It worked great for Shakespeare, and looked dang cool for the other shows.

But change comes to everything, and it’s time to move on. Specifically, it’s time for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and that means a custom set. It’s going to be something matching the style of the Out of Bounds website, which means bright colors and blocky, Nintendo 8-bit graphics… so about as far from the current set design as possible.

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Out of Bounds is Just Around The Corner

Austin’s national improv festival is coming up in just two weeks.   All of Austin’s improv theaters are coming together to present five stages of shows over Labor Day weekend.  The Hideout is hosting shows Thursday through Sunday and presenting classes with top instructors from Chicago, LA, New York and Melbourne.

Check out the details at the Out of Bounds website.

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The Hideout’s 40-Hour Improv Marathon a Big Success

This past June the Hideout Theatre held a 40-Hour Improv marathon from 5pm Friday June 26th to 9am on Sunday June 28th. Eight brave improvisers pledged to improvise onstage for the entire 40 hours. There were 40 1-hour long shows, and the range of the shows covered many genres, types, and styles of improvisation (as you can imagine when you have 40 spots to fill with a new kind of show for each slot).

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